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Phlox paniculata


  • Native to North America
  • Perennial zone 2-9
  • 30-100cm
  • Average to well drained soil
  • Blooms April to September
Legend and Lore

Phlox is an ornamental herbaceous plant that comprises approximately 70 species. Most are indigenous to North America. The word phlox is derived from the Greek meaning flame relating to some of the intense colours of the panicles. In old French phlegmon signifies inflammation in the same word root.

In the Garden

Phlox can grow to 1 meter in height and comes in a variety of colours. A robust plant with long lasting blooms with a minimum of effort. There are a variety of cultivars that bloom in succession from June until fall. Prefers full sun but will tolerate light shade. Propagation by seed or by plant division in average to rich evenly moist and well drained soil; will tolerate poor soil. The more perfumed cultivars will enhance the taste. One of the drawbacks of phlox is powdery mildew. To remedy this phlox needs space to be well ventilated; watering should be done in the morning and not on the foliage. In the 1950’s hybridization produced mildew resistant cultivars. The powdery mildew does not harm the plant – just makes it unattractive.

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