Ustilago maydis (fungus)
Common Plantain, Broad-leaved Plantain, Lambstongue, Plantain Majeur •
In the Kitchen

Edible leaves and seeds; choose tender young leaves ideal in salads, soups, as a cooked vegetable like spinach or Swiss chard. Seeds can be dried and then grounded into flour.

Plantain Timbale

Ingredients • Plantain Timbale

  • 9 Lasagna noodles (cooked) cut to overlap muffin tin
  • Olive oil to coat the muffin tin
  • 300ml Tomato sauce
  • 175g Goat cheese
  • 150g Plantain leaves (young leaves)
  • 150g Spinach
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 60g Basil
  • 300g Ricotta cheese
  • 60g Asiago cheese
  • 35g Parmesan cheese

Instructions • Plantain Timbale

  • Oil a muffin tin to prevent sticking
  • Line muffin tin with lasagna noodle
  • Add a spoonful of tomato sauce at the bottom of each segment
  • Add a slice of goat cheese
  • Cut another layer of lasagna noodle to fit into each segment
  • Mix the Plantain, spinach, basil into the ricotta cheese
  • Add a spoonful of cheese mixture into each segment
  • Top with a final layer of lasagna noodle
  • Trim excess noodle so that the top layer sits flat
  • Add remaining cheese on top
  • Bake for 25 minutes at 375F or until browned
  • Plate up with pesto, pepper coulis, shaved Parmesan cheese and “Tiny Tim” tomatoes

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