Forget me not
• Legend and Lore • In the Garden

Myosotis ssp


  • Native to North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Self seeding annual/perennial
  • Zone 3-9
  • Sun to Shade
  • May/June

This Plant is native to North and South America, Asia, endemic to Europe and Australia in forests and meadows. There are at least 50 cultivars. Colours range from bright blue to pinks and white with a yellow eye.

Legend and Lore

Myosotis is the union of two Greek words: “myos” mouse and “ous” which refers to ear. Literal translation is mouse ears; this refers to the shape and size of the leaves. In the Middle Ages legend has it that forget me not was translated from the French “souvienne vous de moy” when God forgot to name this flower in the Garden of Eden (South America). A German legend tells the tale of a knight and his lady walking near the Rhine River. The knight saw a blue flower growing near the shore. He proceeded in falling in the water while trying to capture the elusive blue flower. The weight of his suit of armor impeded his movements; he gave his lady the flower and cried: “Forget me not” with his last breath.

In the Garden

Easy to grow, sow the seeds in early spring, very prolific self seeding anywhere they want. They prefer a moist to well drain soil, sun to shade. Grows to 8” spreads to 8” forming a low creeping mat. Can be invasive, therefore trim back lightly after blooming or pull out the whole plant.

In the Kitchen